Top 3 Challenges Elders Encounter Using Technology

Limitations in hand and arm movements

Many of these tech-aided gadgets are operated by hand and require some level of mobility or skill in the fingers. Unfortunately, older adults with medical conditions restricting hand mobility tend to be disadvantaged. This situation is particularly true for persons living with chronic conditions like stroke, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and so on. Their physical vulnerability often limits their engagement in daily activities, especially in things requiring manual dexterity. For example, using smartphones, laptops, and even remote controls can be daunting.

For seniors with this limitation, opting for other technology types that use voice control would be helpful. Although these are available now, they require voice consistency to perform at optimal levels. That also can become another limitation, especially when many senior citizens struggle to maintain a healthy voice pitch. With these restrictions, it becomes more convenient for older adults to rely on the help of younger relatives or caregivers to operate tech-aided devices.

Lack of assistance in using tech-aided devices

Keeping up with changes and constant upgrades

Remember that they may already feel overwhelmed with information as technology rapidly evolves. This issue can make them feel uninterested in using the technological gadget altogether. Several older people may be more comfortable handling devices that are easy to adjust to. The more familiar the operation of the gadgets, the higher the chances of the aging population using the device.

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