Sophie is a Forbes Contributor, Columbia University 2021 Age Boom Academy fellow, and TEDMED 2020 Research Scholar. Her writing has appeared in Salon and Philips, among others. She is the founder of Global Health Aging, a creative consultancy and award-nominated website featuring research, diverse opinions, and news stories about longevity and healthy ageing. Early in her career, Sophie performed biomedical research in academia and industry, including the City of Hope Beckman Research Institute Bioinformatics Core and National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates. She has been elected to the New York Academy of Medicine and Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society. She has also been featured as a Science Communicator in Diversity in Action Magazine. Sophie has an MPH in Aging and Health and BS in Bioinformatics with Research Honors.

Selected Current & Past Engagements

Sophie was invited to speak at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center during National Minority Health Month 2021.

Global Health Aging earned nominations for the WEGO Health Awards in Best Kept Secret, Rookie of the Year, and Patient Leader Hero categories. WEGO Health is the world’s largest network of health influencers, patient thought leaders, and advocates. We were also recognized as a resource for research on aging and age-related diseases by Dahlgren Memorial Library, the Graduate Health & Life Sciences Research Library at the Georgetown University Medical Center. If you are interested in working with us, get in touch! A big thank you to ALL our friends and contributors over the years. Their robust and honest conversations have made this project worthwhile!

“Aging is a fact of life, and getting older is inevitable.”

Sophie Okolo, MPH

With the Center for Healthcare Innovation, Sophie explored the economic impact of a shift to millennial caregivers and higher rate of Alzheimer’s disease in minority groups. With the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease expected to impact 16 million individuals by 2050, younger generations will increasingly assume caregiving responsibilities. The report, Social and Financial Costs of Millennial Dementia Caregivers, concludes with a discussion of strategies to support and advocate for millennial caregivers. It also involves four calls to action, including supporting working caregivers, defining public policy, and promoting community caregiving.

Sophie was selected as an Age Boom Fellow alongside other journalists.

A joint program of Columbia Aging Center and Columbia Journalism School, the Age Boom Academy is a forum that educates journalists about the complex health, social, and economic issues facing our aging population. The 2021 Age Boom Academy focuses on solutions to older adult loneliness. Is loneliness the next great public health crisis, can technology help combat loneliness, and does loneliness cause dementia?

Sophie is the creator of the Longevity Innovators Series.

Interviews With Longevity Innovators

In a series of interviews, 18 visionaries reveal exciting trends and insights regarding healthy longevity, sharing their vision for a better future. I interviewed visionaries like Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn, actor Alan Alda, businesswoman Arianna Huffington, and author Deepak Chopra. The series was published in collaboration with PBS Next Avenue and Forbes and highlights discoveries in biomedical, behavioral, and psychosocial science and strategies to promote prevention and wellness for older adults.