Sophie is a Forbes Contributor, Columbia University Age Boom Academy Fellow, and TEDMED Research Scholar. Her writing has appeared in Salon and Thrive Global, among others. She is the founder of Global Health Aging, a creative consultancy and award-nominated website featuring research, diverse opinions, and news stories about longevity and healthy aging. Early in her career, Sophie performed biomedical research in academia and healthcare, including National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates and the City of Hope Beckman Research Institute Bioinformatics Core. She was elected to the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society and New York Academy of Medicine. She has also been featured as a Science Communicator in Diversity in Action Magazine. Sophie has an MPH in Aging and Health and BS in Bioinformatics with Research Honors.

Selected Current & Past Engagements
Sophie spoke at Fred Hutch during National Minority Health Month 2021.


Since 2014, our goal has remained the same — to reframe the conversation about longer and healthier lives to focus on ideas, strengths, and solutions. Our articles are cited and mentioned in several magazines, journals, and websites, such as the International Health Section of the American Public Health Association, GOOD Magazine, and the Journal of Emergencies, Trauma, and Shock. Global Health Aging earned nominations for the WEGO Health Awards in Best Kept Secret (2020), Patient Leader Hero (2017), and Rookie of the Year (2015) categories. WEGO Health (now known as the Social Health Network) is the world’s largest network of health influencers, patient thought leaders, and advocates. We were also recognized as a resource for research on aging and age-related diseases by Dahlgren Memorial Library, the Graduate Health & Life Sciences Research Library at the Georgetown University Medical Center. If you are interested in working with us to improve the quality of life for current and future older adults, get in touch! A big thank you to ALL our friends and contributors!

Sophie was selected as an Age Boom Fellow alongside other journalists.

The Age Boom Academy is a forum that educates journalists about the complex health, social, and economic issues facing our aging population. A joint program of Columbia Journalism School and Columbia Aging Center, the goal is to engage and train working members of the media in current science and policies related to longevity. The 2021 Age Boom Academy covered the causes and solutions of loneliness in aging. Sophie wrote an article for Forbes titled “Is there Hope For Our Loneliness Post Covid-19?”

Sophie is the creator of the Longevity Innovators Series.

Interviews With Longevity Innovators

In a series of interviews, 18 visionaries reveal exciting trends and insights regarding healthy longevity, sharing their vision for a better future. Sophie interviewed visionaries like Nobel laureate Elizabeth Blackburn, actor Alan Alda, businesswoman Arianna Huffington, and author Deepak Chopra. The series was published in collaboration with Forbes and Next Avenue and highlights discoveries in biomedical, behavioral, and psychosocial science and strategies to promote prevention and wellness for older adults today.

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