Sophie is the founder and chief editor of Global Health Aging, a web-based publication covering the research and news dedicated to “exploring the implications of longer, healthier lives.”

Sophie is a researcher, science writer, and speaker with a bioinformatics, health technology, and aging background. Her insights and bylines have appeared in Forbes, Philips, MarketWatch, PBS Next Avenue, Massive Science, Inverse, IEEE Potentials, and Pfizer GET OLD, among others. She is interested in how technology can promote healthy aging, and how it can help to fight the loneliness that many older adults experience, including assistive robots, sensors, and networks. An advocate for STEM, Sophie supports causes that improve women and minority representation. She is a TEDMED 2020 Research Scholar and serves as an advisor to humanKINDER, a company that shines a light on untold stories, ideas, and solutions for systems change. Traveling and exploring new cultures and reading biographies about pioneers in science are a few of her favorite things. Please leave a comment and reach out to Sophie on social media.