Tips for Financial Wellness

One of the main causes of worry, panic and anxiety is the state of someone’s financial affairs. Everyone is in a different situation financially, and at the same time, people’s threshold for worry varies wildly too. What makes you panic may mean nothing at all to someone else. How you manage it is dependent on you. What’s important is that you do manage it. Your health is important and worry can cause a lot of mental health issues. Here are some tips to manage a financial problem, even if you don’t find something pertinent they’ll start the cogs turning in your brain.

Pull The Investments

Maybe when you did have some cash, you invested it. That’s great, and you did the right thing at the time but there’s no point in suffering day to day just to keep those investments alive. So many people have the money there but are too scared to use it…even if they’re facing real hardships. It doesn’t matter if you made the money in Forex or by investing in a Roth IRA. Remember, this doesn’t mean you need to cash in your pension or 401k. It simply means that you can cash in anything else to help you through the difficult time. Some might do this as a last resort, which is fine…but never write it off entirely. 

Cut The Bills

It sounds simple, but so many people will instead focus on the worry and how to pull more cash in than simply taking a step back and cutting the bills. Think about it logically. Do you really need two cars now? Are you or your partner working from home instead? Have you got subscriptions to Amazon video, Disney+ and Netflic? Among others? Do you need them all, maybe you can cut back on a few of them. There are so many ways you can look to pull back on the bills. It might even be readjusting the budget a little to ensure that you can have some money to save or pay off debts with. Readjusting might be hard, especially if you have a big family but once you’ve done it and gotten used to the new way of living you’ll find that it’s pretty easy. Besides, it might not even be long term. It could be a short term solution until you’re back at a place where you’d like to be. 

Buy and Sell

Selling the stuff in your home which you don’t need is a short term solution, and one which can only be enacted once. However, it works for that burst of cash. But buying and selling is something you can do for a long time. If it becomes a flair of yours you’ll quickly realize and see that there’s easy money to be made. It might end up that you build your presence on Amazon and start selling on a larger premise. Perhaps you like to sell on eBay instead. It’s a simple case of checking how much a product is selling on eBay for, then buying and reselling. Just make sure the buyer intent is there. 

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