Three Self-Care Must-Haves For Summer

Depending on where you live, summer is either nearly here or very definitely here. After the last year or so, it couldn’t be more welcome. That said, every season brings its own challenges. In summer it’s the heat. With that in mind, here are three self-care must-haves to keep on you at all times in summer.

A foldable water bottle

In summer it’s vital to keep properly hydrated. Ideally, that means drinking lots of water. The most economical (and sustainable) way to do this is to have your own water bottle. The most convenient way to carry a water bottle in summer is to have a foldable one. These can fit into a small pocket or purse when empty and be clipped onto a belt or bag strap when full.

If you can’t face drinking just water all the time then try to stick to natural soft drinks. Milks (including plant milks) and herbal, green, and white teas are all good. Fruit and vegetable juices can be good. They can, however, also be high in both sugars and acids. Sugar-free sodas can be OK. Regular sodas often have enough sugar to make a dentist cringe.

Above all, be careful of alcohol. High temperatures make you sweat. This makes you lose liquid. This means that the impact of alcohol can be felt both very strongly and very quickly. If you enjoy a social drink, try to keep it for the evenings (when it’s cooler). Even then, try to stick to “long” drinks, like spritzers.

A bandana (or headscarf) and sunglasses

Ideally, you should wear a peaked cap or hat whenever it’s sunny. Realistically, however, this isn’t always convenient. Peaked caps only tend to be suitable for casual occasions. Peaked hats are more formal but aren’t necessarily practical. They can be ruined if it rains and be blown off if it’s windy.

A bandana (or headscarf) and sunglasses don’t offer the same level of protection. They are, however, often a lot more flexible and practical. You can also partner them with a visor for extra protection.

Never underestimate the importance of protecting your head from the sun. Firstly, your hair can be burned. Secondly, the sun can reach through any gaps in your hair, for example, your parting. If it does, it can burn the skin underneath. Technically, you can protect against this with sun-cream but this can be messy. A head covering is usually the better option.

Protective lip balm

At a basic level, skin is skin wherever it is on your body.  It does, however, vary in thickness.  The skin on your lips is the thinnest skin on your body. That’s why it needs the highest level of sun protection. In summer, you can buy regular sunscreen in just about every store. It may, however, be harder to get high-SPF lip balm, at least at a reasonable price.

Play safe and keep your own supply with you. In fact, unless you have a brand new lip balm (and possibly even then), it’s advisable to keep at least two lip balms with you. Apply lip balm regularly because heat, eating, and drinking will all make it less effective.

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