The Little-Known Pandemic Issues That Impact The Older Adults

person sitting on beige street bench near trees

Everyone knows that few people have been hit harder by Covid-19 than the elderly. With higher death rates than other age groups, many older people from across the world have had to keep themselves shielded throughout much of the pandemic that has swept the globe. This can be an issue on its own, though many people are aware of this. There are a lot of other problems that have come with Covid, and it’s worth exploring them to make sure that you are aware. This can give you a much deeper appreciation for the struggles that others have been through.

Health Degradation

While health issues can come at any time throughout a person’s life, few things are worse for someone in their later years than spending time sat inside. Elderly people who spend their days working hard and doing things they love tend to have better health than those who spend much of their lives inside. This shows that sitting around isn’t good for an old body. Alongside making people lose their fitness, being unable to leave the house can make it very difficult to work on encouraging existing injuries to heal. This has become a serious issue for many, but it should get better as lockdowns begin to lift.

Elder Abuse

Without being able to go outside or see friends, elder abuse has become a very serious issue for many elderly people over the last year or so. Everyone is struggling, and this means that many are looking for ways to get their hands on much-needed money. Elder financial abuse was already very common, but this has become much worse since Covid-19 was introduced to the world. Older people can see their friends or the police, and this makes it very easy for people to take advantage of them. This is especially bad for those who are shielding, as the chances to get out and talk to someone about this issue are practically impossible.

Mental Health

Spending a lot of time indoors is bad for anyone’s mental health. Humans are always happiest when they have access to green spaces and signs of life, making the last year extremely difficult for elderly people who are used to spending their days out and about. Depression, anxiety, and stress are three of the main concerns with this, and this makes it worth talking to the elderly people you know to make sure that they aren’t in this state. Many therapists are offering their services digitally nowadays, but people can only take advantage of this if they have the means to use computers or smartphones.

As time goes by, the issues that elderly people face are only going to get better. This doesn’t mean that younger people can be complacent, though, and it is well worth spending the time to make the elderly people in your life happier. While you may not be able to see them directly, you can still talk to them through windows or across their garden fence.

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