Taking Your Business Digital to Increase Productivity and Profitability

The year 2020 saw great tragedy for millions but also new heights for others. According to statistics, more than 60% of business closures were due to the covid-19 pandemic and restrictions that came with it. However, businesses with no means of trading suffered during these times where, on the other side, companies that adapted quickly could return to maximum capacity. This was thanks to not only state-of-the-art marketing strategies playing a much more significant role than everyone thought but online platforms advanced enough to automate the sales process. 

Whether you’re selling a product or offering professional services, the importance of marketing and digital brand awareness is more significant than ever. Industries have also become highly competitive, and the only way to ensure continuous oncoming leads is by performing high-grade digital marketing. Once you’ve mastered making sales and generating leads online, you can turn to several innovative tech-enabled systems to automate particular time-consuming functions within your business. This article will discuss how to market and automate your business in 2021. 

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1 Marketing

Marketing will be one of the biggest influencers in how well your business does online. Digital marketing nowadays is becoming more and more beneficial for small to medium enterprises. This is because of the wide range of audiences, affordability and specific targeting demographics available to you as a business. The tech giant Google receives more than three billion searches per day, and Facebook, on the other hand, hosts more than two billion active accounts. These are some significant numbers and leave plenty of space for up and coming businesses to market their way to the top. The marketing strategies below are, in most cases, the best option for small businesses, they are affordable, and they pay off.

Google Ads 

With Google ads, you bid online against competitors for specific keywords and phrases; Google then places the highest bids on top of the search ad rankings. This is a powerful tool if your target audience likes researching on Google before deciding. Scale on top of Google when consumers search for relevant information makes the odds of generating incoming traffic much more. You can use Google ads to rank your business; the price will, however, depend on how competitive your industry is and what your competitors are bidding. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing has proved to be highly successful in generating sales for eCommerce businesses. This is because of how accurately companies can target the people they know transact online. You can adjust your budget, reach, demographics and even what you want the ad to do, like generate leads or make online sales. You can even go as far as targeting people who visited your website but didn’t make a purchase. Platforms like Facebook ads offering software like Pixel is an excellent means of measuring your ad performance and finding innovative ways to target your audience for cheaper. 


Search Engine Optimization, SEO in short, is increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by using only organic search results. SEO can improve the experience your customers have. You can also increase Google crawlers with industry-relevant keywords and phrases. SEO is a long term marketing strategy and won’t give you immediate results. Still, as you start ranking better and faster, you’ll most definitely start experiencing far more organic website traffic. 

2 CRM Systems 

When it comes to managing your business and sales leads effectively, you’ll have to look at the software that has already automated a significant number of functions. These systems are built by innovative tech-enabled institutions, which enable you to implement software you would never have been able to make yourself. These automated tasks include; receiving and allocating leads, online processing sales, recording analytics, financial reporting, and much more by enabling your employees and business an effective system that can vastly increase turnaround time and productivity. 

3 Use Analytics and Data to Your Advantage 

A business can only be as effective as it’s enabled by support, structure and processes. These will, after a while, offer a variety of analytical reporting, which will provide you with insight into what can be done better. By offering your team software like Userzoom, you’ll give them and yourself valuable insight and opportunities to improve your business. By looking at data and analytics, you’ll give yourself a much better overview of your business, which will ultimately enable you to manage it better. 

4 Accounting Software 

One thing we all know is that financial experts aren’t cheap employees to sustain within your business. With digital companies, you can nowadays integrate accounting software that will offer highly accurate figures in real-time. This feature allows you to stay up to date on all your financial standings, from checking daily revenue to retrieving financial reports for stakeholders. Businesses utilizing accounting software have a massive advantage over companies that are still using older methods of accounting. It’s cheaper, faster and more effective and should be high on your priority list.

5 Integrated Website 

Websites play a vital role in the potential growth of up and coming businesses, not only for automating functions but also for creating an online presence for your business. You can partner up with professionals to build and create an aesthetically pleasing and responsive website. This will ensure more conversions from online traffic and may also increase customer experience. 

6 Point of Purchase Displays 

Various businesses attempting to create an online presence still have problems automating and displaying their brick and mortar businesses in a better light. This can be done with modern point of purchase displays integrated with software to calculate sales, stock and customers. This system will give you a great idea of whether your brick and mortar or online business generates superior profits compared to the cost to the company. 

Your marketing will determine how much incoming business you’ll receive. It then only matters how effectively you can manage and convert potential customers into paying customers. Ensure you get great reviews and do everything in your power to offer the best value within your industry. 

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