Simple Ideas to Boost Your Mental Health

Living in the times that we are, with a global pandemic still ongoing, and with job losses and life looking different from before, it is no wonder that we are also facing a mental health crisis. There are many feelings of anxiety associated with a pandemic, because so much is still unknown. There is also isolation, depression, and loneliness, that comes from staying home or from losing a job. So what are some of the things that you can do to help yourself with your mental health? 

One of the first things to stress is that it is important to see the help of a medical professional, especially if you are feeling very low and depressed. Speaking to someone is one of the first steps that you can take to get back to feeling like yourself again. When you know what you are dealing with, here are some of the things that you can do yourself, to help yourself to see a positive improvement with your mental health.

  • Starting or ending each day with a gratitude journal is something that can be a simple thing that can make a difference. Writing down a couple of things that you are thankful for each day can change your perspective, and really help you to think and focus on the positive. 
  • Seeking out some alternative treatments can be helpful, but it can be a bit of a trial and error process. For example, you could look at Other things to think about could be reflexology, massages, or even acupuncture.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep is going to help your mental health in such a positive way, as discussed here: Of course, if you are feeling in a certain state, then it can be hard to get to sleep. But if you create an optimal environment for yourself to sleep, then it can make such a difference. Have a room that is more cool than hot, make sure that you are comfortable, and that you haven’t had caffeine too close to bedtime.
  • Choosing something to help take your mind off other things can be such a positive thing for your mental health. If you are left to your own thoughts, then they can become intrusive or make you more anxious. Look to try something like sewing, painting, coloring, crafts, puzzles, or other activities that allow you to really focus on something else. There is a close link with being creative and having an improved overall wellbeing, so it is definitely something to consider.
  • Switching off your phone can be such a good thing! If you are feeling low, having no distractions and avoiding mindless scrolling will be such a good thing. You are also less likely to spend money when you’re online, which can become a bad habit to comfort yourself, if you can’t afford to be doing it.

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