Pandemic-Induced Wellness Trends

The pandemic helped to accelerate certain wellness trends, and also caused an increase in awareness of health and well-being. People’s attitudes towards fitness changed, and previous gym-goers are still choosing to work out from home. The use of self-care technology became commonplace rather than relying on medical appointments. Many people are also more conscious of their breath and respiratory health, due to the symptoms of COVID-19. Here are some examples of pandemic-induced wellness trends that are sticking around this year.

Self-care technology

There has been an increasing interest in self-care technology. Many people are investing in innovative gadgets that now can accurately measure certain aspects of their health. These include oxygen saturation trackers, smart water bottles, and fertility planners. Advances in technology have meant that these devices are quite effective and very popular. The trend of telemedicine is also on the rise, and patients are seeking advice and prescriptions online from virtual doctors.

Focus on breathwork

It’s been reported that covid-19 accelerated the breathwork wellness trend. There has been an increased focus on breathing techniques and these have been incorporated into many workouts. There are also many activities that solely focus on breathwork and they are designed to benefit physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It’s understandable why more people are conscious of the quality of their breath and evident in this growing trend.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy isn’t a new trend. Oxygen therapy is used to treat a range of injuries from burns to carbon dioxide poisoning, and it’s also used for a variety of common conditions. Although it is not safe for everyone, the FDA has approved it as a safe and effective treatment for acute mountain sickness only. You can even find a hyperbaric chamber for sale online for personal or professional use.

No equipment home workouts

Many people have decided to ditch the gym on a permanent basis and look for alternative ways to work out. Whereas some have created their own home gyms with extensive equipment, lots of people are choosing alternatives such as online yoga classes that require little to no apparatus. Once people started adapting to working out in this way, they’ve realized they can stay in shape without paying for a gym membership. There are even plenty of exercise videos online for kids and seniors so more and more people are being encouraged to work out at home.

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