Living a Longer & Healthier Life – 5 Tips That Have Passed the Test of Time

Life expectancy is determined by a range of factors. Long life is largely credited to genetics, but there is more in play than your bloodline. The way you live your life is a big determinant of how long you will live it. It is also a determinant of how happy and healthy the entirety of your life will be.

Long life expectancy has long been associated with a positive lifestyle. Here is what years of observation have to say:

1.      Eat Well

Diet is a major factor in a person’s overall well being. Foods contain nutrients that keep the body healthy and functioning optimally. To this end, malnutrition makes the body physically and from a health perspective. However, the issue is not eating enough – the issue is eating enough good and healthy food.

One important recommendation is to minimize your consumption of calories. Calories are associated with a range of chronic conditions as one grows older. Additionally, eat a balanced diet and get enough of all the essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Alongside a balanced diet, it is essential to drink enough water because water has numerous health benefits. Staying hydrated increases energy, and aids concentration and digestion. Being chronically underhydrated can leave you feeling tired, listless, and prone to canker sores in your mouth and dry eyes.

2.      Stay Physically Active

Exercising is touted as one of the secrets to long life. The secret is it’s overall physical and health benefits. For example, exercising keeps the muscles and other body tissue strong and firm, giving you enough strength to move around easily in old age. Exercising also supports the production and balance of body hormones, including many that support the natural immune system.

As such, it is recommended to exercise or stay physically active as frequently and consistently as possible. Your bones and joints will thank you in your sunset years.

3.      Avoid Risky Habits

There are millions of ways to die besides diseases and old age. Fortunately, many of these death traps are avoidable.

For example, smoking is associated with cancer and other chronic conditions – solution: don’t smoke. Additionally, excessive alcohol intake also causes chronic illnesses and increases risks of accidents – solution: limit your drinking. Sexual promiscuity increases the risk of contracting chronic sexual diseases – solution: keep it in your pants.

4.      Nurture Strong Social Relations

People are social creatures by nature and necessity. Friends and family are good for helping you with your emotional and mental burdens. They will also give you a reason to keep on living and aspiring for the best you can be. To this end, loneliness has been blamed for the rising cases of depression and suicide rates across the world. As such, make friends, raise a family, and nurture your closest relations.

5.      Your Happiness Comes First

Some of the oldest people in the world live modest or poor lives. However, they are happy and content with whatever they have and who they are. They don’t concern themselves with pleasing other people or conforming to their ideals of who they should be. More importantly, they don’t let anyone disrupt their peace and happiness. As such, prioritize your happiness over social statuses.

Final Thoughts

Old age is a blessing, especially when your body is still fit and healthy to experience everything life has to offer. Many of the oldest people attest to these tips, and they are easy for everyone to practice. 

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