How You Can Support Your Loved One With Alzheimer’s

People with Alzheimer’s can easily get frustrated because tasks that were once simple are becoming harder. However, there are many ways to help them feel safe and calm as they strive to enjoy day-to-day life. Here are some examples below: 

Keep Them In A Routine 

Making plans for daily activities isn’t as easy for people with Alzheimer’s. They are more familiar with habits, tasks, and places. However, daily routines can help them to focus on activities that they find meaningful. If they do something that is familiar, it can help to minimize frustrations and improve their mood. When you plan a schedule that they can stick to, think about: 

  • Their likes and dislikes
  • What a familiar day would be for them 
  • Favorite activities 
  • If 24-hour Alzheimer care is needed
  • Times of the day they feel most awake (doctor appointments can be less stressful when loved ones are well-rested)
  • Regular times for sleep and getting up, try to avoid too many naps.
  • Keep familiar objects in the same place in your home
  • Favorite meals and TV shows can also help

Reduce Excess Noise 

Too much noise can be overwhelming for people with Alzheimer’s. This includes lots of people talking at the same time, the TV, radio, etc. You can limit sound by: 

  • Turning the volume down
  • Turning the radio or TV off during meal times and gatherings
  • Turn off upsetting or violent scenes on the TV
  • Choose music sources that avoid adverts
  • Have smaller gatherings

Be Patient

Alzheimer’s can make it hard to improve skills or remember things like directions. It’s important to remain patient with your loved one if they struggle to remember. Here are various ways to increase understanding: 

  • Do one activity at a time
  • Guide them step by step when they need it
  • Schedule more time for tasks and allow for regular breaks 
  • Don’t criticize 
  • Don’t correct them
  • Try not to argue and use logic to reason with them
  • Try to avoid filling in the gaps of their memory, but do try to connect the dots
  • Make eye contact and call them by name
  • Ask yes and no questions
  • Don’t start using a baby voice 

Choice Is A Good 

Most people like to have a choice, especially when it comes to food and clothes. However making decisions can be hard. Providing your loved one with a choice can go a long way in helping them feel less stressed. You can do this by: 

  • Giving them two options
  • Take away extra unneeded clothing so they don’t get overwhelmed but still have a good choice if they choose the same clothing every day, make sure you buy multiples. 
  • If they choose mismatched clothing, let it go.
  • Help them in restaurants by suggesting a few known favorites on the menu. It can be a frustrating and stressful time for your loved one when living with Alzheimer’s. These tips should help you to support them each and every day.

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