How to Take Care of Yourself as You Age

Growing old is a natural aspect of existence that’s typically dreaded by many due to the several unique changes that accompany this phase of life. As per the U.S Census Bureau’s 2017 National Population Projection, 1 out of 5 Americans will be of retirement age by 2030. Therefore, it’s necessary to brace yourself if you fall within this demographic to ensure that you enjoy your old age. If you want to learn more about taking good care of yourself as you age, consider the following points.

  • Schedule and stick to check-ups

Aging occurs due to the impact of various accumulated cellular and molecular damage over time, leading to an increased risk of disease. Since health issues are commonplace in old age, it’s essential to schedule and stick to regular check-ups with your physician so that they address any problems you have efficiently and promptly before they blossom into more serious issues. Generally, many health experts recommend visiting a practicing geriatricians if you take multiple medications, have one or more chronic conditions, or experience mobility and memory issues. Additionally, you can visit specialists like a dietician, optometrist, and dentist, such as Caring Modern Dentistry to stay on top of your nutrition, vision, and dental health as you age.

  • Remain socially active

Loneliness is undoubtedly one of the most dreaded aspects of growing old for most people. With the aging demographic expected to increase in the coming decades, many experts consider loneliness as the next significant public health issue as much as substance abuse and obesity. Social isolation significantly affects older adults, putting them at a 50 percent increased risk of dementia and other severe medical conditions. On the other hand, remaining socially active as you advance in years has several positive benefits, such as a boost to your physical and mental health as well as better sleeping and eating habits. For instance, volunteering, joining a club, playing board games at your local park, and other social activities should feature prominently on your to-do list as you age.

  • Take all medication as directed by your physician 

Many people often loathe the idea of taking various drugs to cope with the many changes they experience as they age. However, it’s essential to take all your medication as prescribed by your doctor since they’re vital in ensuring an excellent quality of life as you grow old. However, conduct a periodic medication review with your doctor to discuss whether you should still take all your prescriptions since you suffer an increased risk of adverse drug reactions the more drugs you take.

  • Eliminate bad habits

Smoking and drinking throughout any phase of life are highly inadvisable, but most especially in old age. Consequently, avoid tobacco as you age since it damages nearly all organs in your body. You reduce your odds of suffering heart attacks, lung and gum disease, cancer, and several other health problems. Likewise, alcohol harms your liver and worsens other medical issues as you grow, so it would be best to avoid drinking to enjoy your advanced years better.

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