Caring For Older Parents Without Exposing Them to Covid 19

Although the Covid 19 pandemic is not the nightmare it was in 2020, there’s still a lot to be done to eradicate the virus. Before the world can finally sigh in relief, people must continue taking precautions to protect themselves and those around them. So far, the most significant challenge when dealing with Covid 19 is how to take care of older adults without exposing them to the virus.

Photo of Woman Showing Her Cellphone to Her Grandmother

If you have older parents, as much as you need to show them love, care, and support during these extra hard seasons, preventive measures are more critical. According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, older adults are at a greater risk of hospitalization or even dying after being diagnosed with Covid 19. So with this in mind, how do you take care of loved ones without exposing them to the risks?

Opt for Home Healthcare Services

As you may know, the increased movement also increases the chance of contracting the virus. It was the main reason behind the implementation of the lockdown rules. However, age comes with many challenges, some health-related. It means that your parents will need medical care now and then. To keep them safe, opt for Home Health Care Services such as Ohioans Home Health Care.

You are assured of a professional medical aid at your service anytime your parents need to see the doctor. This arrangement is quite important because as you age, many older adults develop more health problems. At least 60 percent of the elderly population have at least two chronic illnesses, while 85 percent have at least one. If your parents have to live with a chronic disease, arranging for home health care will not only be convenient but safer.

Avoid Physically Interacting with Them

As hard as it sounds, it’s important to limit physical interactions to limit exposure to the virus. If you must visit, first know your covid-19 status, wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and always keep a physical distance. Additionally, make sure you don’t touch many of the surfaces and items they use because doing so can contaminate them with the virus.

If you interact with many people, the best thing is to avoid visiting their home and opt for other methods of interaction such as video calling. You can also be more careful with your interactions when in public. Understand that your actions will not only affect your health but can significantly affect your parents as well.

As you practice these measures, understand that this is a very confusing and stressful time for your parents because they don’t get to enjoy the company and activities they used to before. Probably they feel isolated, lonely, and helpless. Others don’t understand why they can no longer receive visitors, freely visit places of interest, or have their family around.

Explaining to them the situation and the risks involved can make the situation better. Additionally, help them set up virtual communication platforms or virtual visitations to freely interact with their friends and other family members, decreasing anxiety.

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