How People Are Battling Covid Depression

Covid has hit certain people pretty hard. It’s a physically debilitating illness especially for those with underlying health conditions. However, there’s also a residual effect of the virus which is affecting people’s mental health. In our world of quarantines and lockdowns, depression has impacted a lot of people during Covid. Here are some ways people are battling depression in these uncertain times. 

Medicinal Relief

We need to fight against the stigma of medication for mental health. Some people with severe anxiety or depression rely on medication which may be their best option. It is critical to consult with your doctor about taking any medication for anxiety and stress, even when it comes to wellness products like Bloom Farms CBD. Your doctor can help with looking at your current medication for other ailments and their side effects. The goal is to see if any medication are causing low mood or other health complications.


It’s one of the best things you can do to combat depression and bad bouts of mental health. However, it’s also something which can take a huge chunk of motivation to get into. Start slow and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Go for walks, if you can, and then steadily shift to running. If you’re stuck inside, you can still exercise by using workout video for your level of experience or skill. If you like a tangible goal to hit, consider focusing on a step count. The usual one to hit is ten thousand but you can start lower at first because the goal is to stay moving.

Finding A New Hobby

There are many hobbies you can explore during these Covid times. It’s essential to stay safe and be cautious, but finding a hobby that can also improve mental health is critical. If you like art, consider taking up drawing, or painting. It might even become a source of income. Gaming is another popular hobby. It can help with socialization because you can play with friends or other gamers online.

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