Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Veneers

Dental veneers are a thin layer of porcelain bonded to the natural teeth. Many people have them to get whiter, or straighter teeth. Before deciding if you want veneers, it’s important to properly research them, as veneers are forever and are an investment. 

For the best results, you need to see someone skilled 

Dental veneers for missing teeth or discolored teeth are a serious dental procedure, so you should look at the previous work of the dentist you’re thinking about seeing to make sure you like their work. Look at before and after pictures of their patients, make sure you see some photos of these patients after a few years so you can see how the veneers last. You need to be certain you will like your smile when you leave the dentist, and after a few years.

Veneers aren’t a must, just an option 

Anyone can have veneers put in, but they’re usually to correct an issue. A lot of patients are people who have crooked teeth, want to whiten their teeth, or have chipped or damaged teeth. 

One style does not fit all 

Your dentist should look carefully at the problem that you want to correct and find a way to make it work for your face. A good cosmetic dentist knows that veneers must work for your face and suit you. Veneers are usually not cheap, so to make your investment worthwhile, your dentist needs to take into account the way you talk, the facial expressions you make, the way you smile, the end result you want, and the functionality of your teeth if they’re going to design veneers that work for and your face. 

Imperfections are fine 

Most people want veneers to achieve a perfect smile. In fact, the best veneers keep the original character of your smile, rather than make it too perfect. The finished result should look real. Leaving a few imperfections makes your smile look real and hides the fact that you’ve had dental work done. 

You don’t need veneers on all your teeth 

If you’ve damaged just one tooth, then you can have just one veneer to hide this damage. You can also have a whole set of veneers if you want a completely new smile. Your dentist should advise you on whether you can need a few veneers fitted or whether more veneers would give a better result. If you’re only having a few fitted, the veneers should look realistic against your own teeth so they aren’t obvious. 

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