A Positive Look On Care Homes

Let’s be honest first, none of us would like to be in a care home if we had a choice. We can still have our independence despite being in a worse state than we’d like to be. With the technology rapidly advancing, we may one day have robots care of us! The fact is some older people need more care outside their homes or want to experience a different way of living.

It’s not all gloomy

Care homes have gotten a bad wrap in the media for good reason, but not all care homes are created equal. While some are dark, gloomy, cold places that need an overhaul, others are providing a high quality care like the Green House model. Great care homes are filled with nurses, social support workers, and carers alike. There are plenty of outdoor events, day trips and innovative games which are played by the retirement community. All kinds of people live in care homes, from bankers to millionaires, musicians to actors. Also, some care homes are specific to particular fields like MPTF Retirement Housing that serves entertainment industry retirees. Pilgrim Place also welcomes residents who have “demonstrated a sustained commitment of service to others through a local or global cause”.

Seeing is believing

Showing loved ones great senior care providers is the way to convince them, ultimately. Independent living, within the realm of the care home is just one option. You have the freedom to go for walks, play games, read a book, watch a movie or chat among friends, without having to stick to a schedule. Modern care homes are not like generations gone past. Now, older people in care homes live like they’re in college. They can access the common areas, go into their own rooms, or shop as and when they wish.


If a loved one is not able to feed themselves properly, forget they need to do things like visit the doctor or even feed their pet, then assisted living or memory care can help.

Convincing a loved one to take up living in care is not easy. But seeing is believing and showing them a modern, well-maintained, and excellent care home is a strong way to persuade them. 

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