5 Ways Older Adults Can Improve Mental Health

The Covid-19 pandemic is still raging on, but the vaccine rollout has finally started to give people hope, especially older adults in residential communities. Nonetheless, a few more months will have to pass before we can finally return to normal. Here are five ways to continue looking after our mental health and physical wellbeing. 

Stay in Touch With Loved Ones

The number of mental health issues in the UK has been constantly on the rise over the past ten years, and it is crucial to understand that our loved ones might also be in that position. Therefore, keeping in touch with your loved ones on a regular basis can be a great way to find the companionship you need while also checking upon them. After all, all you need to do is a virtual catch up!

Get Moving

Over the years, you might have lost the agility and range of movement that you had when you were younger. Nonetheless, there is no reason to just stop moving altogether! Practising some physical activities every day is a great way to look after your body, age well, and mental wellbeing. When you move your body, your brain releases endorphins, the hormone responsible for a feeling of happiness, satisfaction, and motivation. If you have never been much of a jogger, there are plenty of other opportunities to consider. For example, practices such as yoga and tai chi can encourage you to move mindfully.

Consider Volunteering

If you are looking to renew your purpose, you should consider helping the community and checking volunteer opportunities in your area. After all, some people who are part of your community might need assistance. Volunteering can help strengthen the bond with those in your community and develop long-lasting relationships. Alternatively, if you prefer a safer setting because of the pandemic, consider helping out at an animal shelter. 

Introduce Meditative Practices

It is never too late to experience something new! Meditation is definitely a new practice in Western countries, but it is one of the most important pillars of Eastern countries’ cultures. Studies have shown that meditative practices and mindfulness can help to ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. If you are looking for a new way to improve your mental health that is free and accessible – opt for meditation like deep breathing or silence!

Think About Assisted Living

You might still be independent and active, but having a little extra help wouldn’t hurt! Finding professional live-in-care services can help you find a companion to also share experiences and important events. And you can enjoy the peace of mind of being under the care of a trained and specialized professional.

This is a contributed post. If you’d like to publish an article, please contact me.

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