5 Surprising Facts About Hearing Aids

Did you know that the first hearing aid was invented almost 140 years ago? And that some hearing aids can now connect to a smartphone? The evolution of hearing aids is quite astounding, and we still do not know many things about these little devices. But, in this blog post, I will share with you five surprising facts about hearing aids that I recently read. 

1) Hearing Aids Are Not Just For Older Adults

A variety of factors other than age can cause hearing loss. For example, hearing loss can be hereditary. This means that a person’s genetic makeup can make them susceptible to hearing loss. 

2) Hearing Aids Come In Many Shapes and Sizes

The days of bulky hearing aids are over. Instead, hearing aids in today’s world come in different shapes and sizes that can fit inside a person’s ear. Here are a few of the most popular types of hearing aids: 

ITC: In-the-Canal 

BTE: Behind the Ear 

BTE hearing aids are devices worn outside of the outer ear. A small tube is then connected to your ear canal. This small tube is where the sound travels along. BTE hearing aids are the most common hearing aid as they provide the best support for people with severe hearing loss.

CIC: Completely in Canal 

CIC hearing aids are small devices worn completely in the ear canal. These devices are very discreet and sometimes the most affordable too. They are custom designed to fit comfortably in every person’s unique ear canal. CIC hearing aids are suggested for people with moderate hearing loss. 

IIC: Invisible in the Canal 

3) Some Hearing Aids Are Bluetooth Enabled

4) Hearing Aids Can Be In Any Color You Wish

Hearing aids do not need to be boring and dab. Many companies now offer customizable options that allow you to choose any color you want. You can even choose an invisible color if that is what you wish for. 

5) Hearing Aids Should Not Be Bought Online

If you are searching for hearing devices, be sure to keep these surprising five facts in mind. Not only are they interesting, but they can surely help you to find the perfect hearing aid. 

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