Massive Science helps scientists share stories about their work and lives in pursuit of a more informed, rational, and curious society. As a member of their Consortium of subject-matter experts, I provided peer comments, shared lab notes, and wrote science articles about healthy aging, neuroscience, technology, and palliative care among others. My articles appeared in various media outlets like Salon and Inverse

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In mid-2014, I started Global Health Aging. Many organizations, including ehospice GOOD Magazine and Seniors Matters, have cited topical blog posts about dementia and caregiving, among others. Georgetown University’s Dahlgren Memorial Library recognized the website as a research resource for aging and age-related diseases. Global Health Aging is an award-nominated website exploring longevity and aging.

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Published in collaboration with PBS Next Avenue and Forbes, Longevity Innovators was a year-long project on the latest trends and insights regarding healthy aging. I interviewed 18 visionaries that shared their vision for a better future including Alan Alda, Arianna Huffington, Ellen Goodman, Dan Buettner, Elizabeth Blackburn, Laura Deming, and Regina Benjamin, among others. See below for portraits of visionaries

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With Emma Barrett Palmer, founder of humanKINDER Ltd, I edited recipes of HOPE, a manuscript celebrating the universal language of food during a family’s 16k mile journey across Europe in The Welcome Tent, an ex-army catering tent repurposed for peace. In 2019, The Welcome Tent was awarded a global design research prize by the European Academy of Design and South Africa’s Design Indaba in Scotland.

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In late 2012, I co-founded Global Health Africa. The website featured a broad range of research, opinion, and breaking news on health systems in Africa. Organizations including Next Billion and Ventures Africa have cited topical blog posts about elder abuse, social policy, and Alzheimer’s disease among others. Global Health Hub also published articles that inspired dialogue and action on health care quality in Africa.

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Future of Aging quarterly is a multimedia publication about the critical challenges and opportunities of an aging global population. I prepared four themed issues and fourteen chapters to elevate the discussion about health and well-being. Chapters are focused on technology, housing, and innovation, etc. The Quarterly is no longer available online. See below for images of themed issues on trends in healthy aging.

Policy Interns is a voice for Washington DC interns to express their views on policy issues facing our world today. The website has both a front-row seat to the policy-making process and a unique voice of the digital generation. Topics include but are not limited to health care, regulation, foreign policy, and technology among others. My articles mainly focused on how healthcare and population trends affect society

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VISIBLE Magazine is an online publication committed to making storytelling great accessible and inclusive. The mission of VISIBLE is to actively privilege the work of people from underrepresented communities whose voices are often overlooked by traditional media outlets. Works include narrative fiction and poetry, among others. My portfolio includes articles about flash fiction, science, healthcare, and nutrition.

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The Milken Institute works to increase global prosperity by advancing collaborative solutions that widen access to capital, create jobs, improve health. I wrote four blog posts for the Institute blog about cities and health, among others. I also wrote an article for National Aging Life Care Month, exploring the link between dementia risk and alcohol consumption as a featured guest expert and published on the blog

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The Dementia Diaries is a book for young persons about dementia. Written for SILK (Social Innovations Lab for Kent) Kent County Council and NHS (National Health Service), this award-winning book is the result of the Prime Minister’s challenge on dementia. A challenge to increase global understanding of dementia. Global Health Aging published an article and ran a book giveaway for Dementia Awareness Week.

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