Published in collaboration with Forbes and PBS Next Avenue, Longevity Innovators is a year-long project on the exciting trends and insights about healthy longevity. I interviewed 18 visionaries that shared their vision for a better future: Alan Alda, Arianna Huffington, Deepak Chopra, and others.

As an advisor to award-winning humanKINDER (hK), I edited Recipes of HOPE celebrating the universal language of food in a 16k-mile journey across Europe in The Welcome Tent. hK shines a light on untold stories of human resilience, ideas, and solutions for systems change. Book out soon.

During graduate school, I co-founded Global Health Africa, focusing on African health issues and featuring a broad range of research, news articles, and opinion pieces. Next Billion, Global Health Hub, and Ventures Africa cited and republished our articles and topical blog posts.

Future of Aging Quarterly was a multimedia publication featuring curated insights about longevity and healthy aging in the 21st century. With content from recognized experts and advisors, I prepared four themed issues and fourteen chapters on various topics and issues.

Policy Interns is a voice for Washington DC interns to express their views on policy issues facing our world today. The website has a front-row seat to the policy-making process and a unique voice of the digital generation. My articles mainly focused on aging, health, and immigration.

I contributed to VISIBLE, an online publication committed to making storytelling more inclusive and accessible. They actively privilege the work of people from underrepresented communities whose voices are often overlooked by traditional media outlets. I wrote stories on health and aging.

As a Senior Associate at Milken Institute’s Center for the Future of Aging, I wrote four blog posts for the Milken Institute blog about aging and health. I was also a featured guest expert for National Aging Life Care Month, where I wrote an article exploring the link between dementia and alcohol consumption.

As founder of Global Health Aging, I edited and published an article about the award-winning The Dementia Diaries for a giveaway I organized during Dementia Awareness Week. The goal was to raise awareness of dementia and Alzheimer’s among young people in the UK and beyond.

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